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Congratulations to Tim Dean! The overall winner determined by random draw of the weekly winners has won 2 tickets to the 2014 Season Opener at Scotia Speedworld.

Every week use #CaptionThis to caption the week’s photo. Each week’s winner will have the chance to win 2 tickets to the 2014 Opener. Head to Facebook or Twitter now to enter!

February 24 - Kevin Mitchell   March 3 - MR Paint ‏@racecar_8
"I think we over dressed for the pool party."   "Timmy, let me tell you pal, I'm gonna win the dash, lead the most laps & win the 2013 Cat 250!!"

March 10 - Connie Loughery   March 17 - Marlene Meehan
"I told him left but I didn't mean that hard of a left!"   "Oh no, did he say permanent marker!!"

March 24 - David Hicken   March 31 - Steven Austin
"Arm wrestle you for the trophy !!"   "Choose your option, #1 Race for Position or #2 the mystery Position in my hand? Which will you choose!"

April 7 - Jolena Wakelin Malone   April 14 - @rob_bowness
"Daddy I like black and white checkers"   "Ow ow ow! Tim Terry in shorts!
My eyes, my eyes!"

April 28 - Tim Dean    
"George if you lean hard enough on the car it will fail post race inspection."