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2010 Bracket Challenge

Win a VIP Package to the Parts For Trucks 200!

Do you want a chance to become a VIP at the CARQUEST Pro Stock Tour Parts for Trucks 200 finale? Here’s your chance as the CARQUEST Pro Stock Tour brings you our 2010 Bracket Challenge.

The Challenge, which will take place over four races at four different tracks will pit your future telling and fantasy sports skills to the test. We’ve pitted twenty drivers against each other in eight first round match-ups which will take place at Speedway 660 in Geary, New Brunswick on July 24th. The winners of those first round tilts will move on to head-to-head competition in the second round at Oyster Bed Speedway in Prince Edward Island. The Bracket will play down to a winner over the four weeks and your job is to tell us how the bracket will play down. The winner will be announced after all four races have been completed.

The winner when all the dust is settled will receive a package fit for a king or queen. The winner, along with three friends will receive tickets to the Parts for Trucks 200 Pro Stock Tour finale at Scotia Speedworld on September 11th. During Opening Ceremonies for the event, you will be invited on track to not only greet the drivers that will compete in the event but you will get to give the “Gentlemen, Start your Engines” command that will send the drivers on for 200-laps of green flag racing. Following that, you will ascend the starters stand and assist flagmen Art Steeves and Ralph Vokey by giving the initial green flag for the event. What a package, eh?

You can fill out your bracket now by printing off the form HERE. Make sure your completed bracket along with tiebreaking questions are submitted by email, snail mail, in person or fax by July 23rd, 2010 at NOON to the CARQUEST Pro Stock Tour office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Rules and additional information can be found below.

So what are you waiting for? Get that crystal ball working and fill out your bracket today!


  • Staff of the Maritime Pro Stock Tour and direct relatives to staff of the Maritime Pro Stock Tour are not eligible to participate

  • You must submit your filled out bracket sheet by Noon on Friday, July 23 to be eligible to play. You can submit your form via:

    • Fax (902)832-6668

    • In Person to 70 Ilsley Avenue, Dartmouth, NS

    • Mail to P.O. Box 3487 D.E.P.S., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2W 5G4

    • Bracket must ARRIVE by deadline above

    • Email to

  • The four races in the bracket are:

    • Parts For Trucks 100 (Speedway 660, July 24)

    • Lucas Oil 100 (Oyster Bed Speedway, July 31)

    • Parts For Trucks 100 (Riverside Speedway, August 14)

    • Lucas Oil 100 (Scotia Speedworld, August 21)

  • Point Structure is as follows:

    • Each correct first round pick would receive 1 point (max round total of 8)

    • Each correct second round pick would receive 2 points (max round total of 8)

    • Each correct third round pick would receive 4 points (max round total of 8)

    • Each correct fourth round pick would receive 8 points (max round total of 8)

      • Maximum amount of total points for a perfect bracket - 32 points.

  • Drivers are seeded by points following the Lockhart Truck Center 100 on July 3rd, 2010.

  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by guessing closest to the winning Time Trial time for the August 21st Lucas Oil 100 at Scotia Speedworld. Time must be submitted with the bracket by the deadline above.

    • In the event that after the tie breaker, there is still a tie, a second tie breaker will be performed. The winner will be determined by guessing the margin of victory for the Lucas Oil 100 on August 21st at Scotia Speedworld. Margin of victory must be submitted with the bracket by the deadline above.

  • If a driver does not participate in the event, they will be considered the “losing” driver.

  • Points will not be calculated and posted until all four brackets are complete.

  • In the event of a rescheduled race, the bracket will remain as is. (I.E. The first bracket will always be at Speedway 660, even if it is run 4th.)

  • You must pick one driver from each matchup of either two or three drivers.

  • The driver who finishes highest among the choices “wins” that round and moves onto the next round.

    Click here for Bracket Form