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Triple Crown Events Point Fund

Triple Crown Events

The Triple Crown events will consist of the IWK 250 held at Riverside Speedway, the Atlantic Cat 250 held at Scotia Speedworld and the Peterbilt 250 held at Speedway 660 respectively.

Point Fund

Riverside Speedway, Scotia Speedworld and Speedway 660, have established a separate Point Fund for the three Triple Crown events. The three tracks are equally funding a $10,000 Point Fund for the Triple Crown events.

To be eligible for this fund, a driver must participate in all three Triple Crown events, The IWK 250, the Atlantic Cat 250 and the Peterbilt 250. The $10,000 Point Fund will be divided equally among those drivers who meet the eligibility requirement. Twenty cars participating in all three events would see $500 paid to each car. A difference in the car count will increase or decrease the payout to each car, dependant on the number of cars.

This Point Fund is in addition to the money paid out for finish position at each of the Triple Crown Events.


Driver Points

Drivers who participate in the Triple Crown events will be awarded CARQUEST Pro Stock Tour points related to their finish position. There is no eligibility associated with the awarding of Tour points and all drivers who participate will earn Tour points in each event they participate in.

Similarly, bonus points will be awarded to each car that leads a lap and the car that leads the most laps.

The awarding of finish position points and bonus points will be done in accordance with the CARQUEST Pro Stock Tour 2010 procedures.