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The Winner Is The Re-Opening of Riverside International Speedway (August 19, 2006)


It was an amazing site to many when they made the turn on the Trans Canada Highway and saw the impressive new facility. During the opening ceremonies there were two standing ovations for John Chisholm, thanking him for the rebirth of Riverside Speedway. Jerry "Jer Bear" Lawrence was back on the microphone entertaining fans and telling stories of the Speedway's past. Art Steeves "un-retired" to flag the first race. The racing was fantastic - two wide all 200 laps! The night was capped off with a story book ending as Shawn Turple, driving the familiar black and yellow CAT car owned by the Fraser family, rolled into victory lane at Riverside once again!

Over the past ten years of the CARQUEST Pro Stock Tour there have been so many memorable moments, that it would certainly be difficult to choose just one as the "#1 Moment". Fans submitted many great stories and we narrowed it down to just five - no easy feat! They were then put to a vote to determine the overall winner. Now that the votes have been tallied we are proud to announce that the Re-Opening of Riverside International Speedway was the winner of your #1 Moment of the CARQUEST Pro Stock Tour!