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Smith and CARQUEST Tour
Reach Settlement

HALIFAX, NS (January 22, 2008) - Wayne Smith and the CARQUEST Maritime Pro Stock Tour have agreed to settle their differences and move forward together as the 2008 season approaches.

Representatives from both parties have met and come to an agreement that sees the 2007 season standings remain as they were. The end result will see the tour gauges updated to current specifications, while Smith verifies the validity of his carburetor against the gauges prior to entering competition.

Smith is happy to have the situation resolved. "I'm glad we can put this behind us. I'm confident there are no hard feelings toward the #44 team from tour officials. Our whole team is looking forward to the start of the new season. The tour will be updating their gauges and I guarantee you my carburetor will be checked before I bolt it on my engine. I appreciate the support I received from my sponsors, fans, team members and other teams. The same applies to the race officials, as we felt no mistreatment during competition despite our ongoing dispute with the tour. Our course of action denied Shawn Tucker his due recognition at the end of the season. I regret that and congratulate him and his team on their championship season."

Competition director Ernie Ledwidge is likewise pleased that the ongoing issue has been put behind them. "It is good to see this issue put to rest. Circumstances played a big role in the development of this issue. While we cannot change those, we can all learn from them and move forward, trying not to create similar situations in the future. Wayne Smith is a serious competitor. I do not believe he would place a piece on his car that would not pass inspection, knowing that it is routinely checked. Competitors of Smith's caliber take pride in beating their competition and coming out of the inspection area with a clean slate. There are things that both sides could have done differently that may have prevented the situation. However, we cannot change the past. We can only look to the future. I am pleased we can move forward and anticipate another successful season for the Oval Outlaw racing team and the CARQUEST Pro Stock Tour."

Smith is currently building a new car for the 2008 season. The car he drove to victory lane for four of his five wins last season is for sale.

With nearly 4000 locations in North America, CARQUEST Auto Parts supplies the professional automotive service repair industry as well as do-it-yourselfers with replacement parts, tools and equipment. The CARQUEST Pro Stock Tour is operated by Maritime Pro Stock Tour Limited and features an eleven race series at five different venues throughout the Maritime Provinces. Top drivers from all three provinces compete, including previous champions Shawn Tucker, Rollie MacDonald and Wayne Smith.